Yesterday was one of those days.  You know – the ones where you are just tired of everything.  We call it the grind, the day-in and day-out, the same-old same old.  And, most days, that’s okay.  In fact, most days I relish the schedule and the normalcy and the calm.  But, every once in a while, I am just done.

Seriously, how many lunches to be made, dishes to be washed, loads of laundry to fold, homework questions to oversee, meals to make, carpools to run, church activities to go to, fights to break up, beds to make, kids to care for can I possibly take?  I’ve been doing this THIRTEEN YEARS.  That’s a long time.  I don’t even get weekends off.  No wonder I’m tired.

The good thing about days like yesterday is that they are almost always followed by a today.  You know, the day after when it doesn’t seem quite as bad.  Sure, I’m still tired of folding the kids laundry (seriously, how many clothes do they REALLY need?) and packing lunches (Why do they need actual meals?  Could we just live off snacks so I don’t have to cook/prepare anything?).  But, a new days brings a new perspective, and I’m grateful for that.  It’s probably why I haven’t packed it in long before now.

That new perspective helps me see the good – not just the monotony.  Yesterday I got to go to the gym.  I ran.  I didn’t pass out.  Success!  I got to spend time watching my kids as they stared out the window for a good half hour watching a house being built next door.  They were entertained and not making a mess.  Success!  I got to go with my daughter to New Beginnings at church and be there to support her.  I even learned something that will help me.  Success!  I have an amazing husband who didn’t try and fix anything and just listened as I vented the moment he walked in the door.  He even did most of the dishes for me – although that may have been out of fear.  🙂  Success!

I’m not trying to be all Polly Positive.  Yesterday was terrible.  I’m suppose as I’ve thought about it today, I just want to make sure I don’t miss the small, happy moments – even if it is a day late.  And, maybe it will help next time I have “one of those days”.  Hey, it’s worth a shot!  🙂