Looking back over the last six months, I think the biggest thing that sticks out in the life of the Gee 6 is that we bought a new house and moved.  It has been an adjustment.  We miss our old house, our old neighborhood, our old schools, our old friends, and stores being close.  🙂  But, we are slowly learning to love all the new things and people, and the move has been good for our family, despite the challenges.  Just a few things we really love . . .

The back porch!  We love to sit outside and eat dinner or just enjoy the fireplace.  Jon has become rather addicted to having a fire going since it has become cold! IMG_1410


Own rooms!  One of the primary reasons we moved was for more space.  Each kid now has their own room.  We even let them pick out their own paint colors and painted each room before we moved in.  We probably should have guided at least one of our kids a little bit more.  Pink much?

IMG_1396 IMG_1400

The spiral staircase!  I just love it.  I totally made Jon buy me a huge Christmas tree (yay for Craigslist!), and we put it right there!


The media room!  Aside from the back porch, this is Jon’s favorite thing about our new house.  It’s pretty awesome to be able to watch a movie on an entire wall!


We love our house!  And, we’re adjusting to everything else, so that is a good thing!  I think part of our hearts will always be in good old West Fort Worth, but we’re grateful for a chance to change and grow!  🙂