Every once in a while I sit down at the computer and think about blogging.  I have good intentions, really I do.  Then I realize how far behind I am, and give up.  No one really blogs anymore, anyway.  And, I’m pretty sure the 2 of you who used to read it gave up long ago.

But, it’s New Years!  And, that means that we all get to set goals and do things we always mean to for approximately 5 days before giving up.  And, blogging is on my list of things I should be doing.  See, my older kids have found our blog now, and I really should be keeping some sort of family record.  So, New Year’s Resolution #1 (of 297) . . . blog more.  New Year’s Resolution #2 . . . don’t give up on New Year’s Resolutions before January is over.  New Year’s Resolution #3 . . . eat less chocolate.

It’s going to be a long January . . . 🙂