For Mother’s Day, I really felt like I should write some deep, introspective monologue about how much I love being a Mother.  How I find such deep, incomparable joy in the small, everyday chores that every Mother does.  But, after making the kids breakfast, cajoling them to work on Cub Scouts and Faith in God, not yelling when one child threw a pen at me as as if it were a missile and punctured my hand and sweeping up millions of bits of playdough off the floor when my five-year old was done making me 50 “cookies” that I had to then pretend to eat, I don’t feel very introspective.  I just feel tired.  🙂

All joking aside, I love being a Mom.  I really have the best kids in the whole world.  They are just awesome, and they totally make all the hand punctures and tiredness worth it.  For Mother’s Day this year, they were so sweet.

The Thursday before Mother’s Day, I got to go to Kelsey’s preschool and have a little Mother’s Day reception.  They gave us cute flower pot gifts.

And, they had asked each kid questions about their Moms.  They read them each out loud, and they were adorable.  I love that Kelsey thinks I only weigh 52 pounds!  Of course, I’m also 54 years old!

On Sunday, everyone took awesome care of me.  I got sweet gifts and cards.  Although, the kids gave me one with sound that just says “Mom, Mommy, Mama, Mother” over and over – you know, just like kids do.  And, Kelsey has insisted on playing it EVERY day.  Multiple times.  Eventually the card just magically disappeared.  It was either that or my sanity.

Robbie made me waffles.  Emily brought me a blanket and pillow and MADE me lay down on the couch.  Kelsey drew me pictures all day.  Adam gave me tons and tons of hugs.   I actually got to see Jon before church!  It was an awesome day!  My kids really do rock, and I wouldn’t trade being a Mom for anything.