After our wonderful family reunion, Jon and I went on our third road trip.  Which I’m going to write about.  Just not now.  But, you needed that background.  See, we went on our third road trip by ourselves – well, us and 17 youth from church and 8 other adults.  But, the kids?  They stayed here.  And since Robbie isn’t quite old enough at 9 to take care of everyone for a week, we had to have help.  And, like always, our wonderful family stepped up.  My Mom showed up on our doorstep at 4:15 A.M. on Monday and watched the kids for 2 days.  Then, on Wednesday, Randi dragged her two kids up and took over.

When we got home on Saturday, I discovered that someone (and I’m guessing Mom), had left a bucket of Twizzlers in the closet.  I recognized it from the family reunion, and figured that she either forgot, or was being nice and leaving them for us.

I have changed my mind.  She didn’t leave them because she forgot.  And she didn’t leave them because she’s nice.  She left them because they might possibly be the most annoying piece of candy in existence.  Do you know why?  Look closely at the container.  Do you notice how they are all INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED?  Who thought that was a good idea?  I can just picture a bunch of guys standing around (because you know this was not a woman’s idea) saying “Hmmm, we have this licorice which is sticky and thin.  How should we package it?”  Then, another guy says ” I know, let’s wrap it in an equally sticky wrapper making it almost impossible to get out without using a chainsaw and a crowbar.”  Yep, I’m pretty sure that’s how it went.

So, for two weeks this tub of licorice has sat in my pantry.  Occasionally, we’ll be brave and attempt to eat one, but frankly, the end result is not worth the effort.  Today, I had a brainstorm, though.  As I was attempting to pry the thin film from the strawberry flavored candy, I realized that this would be a great diet tool.  What if we wrapped all our food, individually, in plastic?  And, I’m not talking roomy candy bar wrappers.  I’m talking the hard cellophane that you need a blowtorch to get through. Wouldn’t you eat fewer M&Ms if you had to unwrap each chocolate candy one at a time? Wouldn’t you cut down on the chips if it took 10 minutes to get one out of its plastic prison?  And, not only would we eat less, but it would be great exercise too.  I think I’m gonna patent the idea.  And write a book.  Or maybe, I’ll just invest in plastic wrap and have a go at some M&Ms.  🙂