A few months ago, Mom informed me that we needed to take a trip to Sea World. Never one to say no to Shamu, we planned a trip. Several weeks ago, Jon and I set off with our 4 kids plus our nephew, Braden. We left Friday afternoon, spent the night, went to Sea World on Saturday, crashed, went to church on Sunday and came home. Can you say exhausted? But, we had a great time! No matter how often we go, I am still just fascinated by Sea World!

Here’s the group getting ready for the 1st show – Viva!

And chilling in the penguin house while the braver souls rode the Steel Eel.

We all rode the log ride, although some of the little ones didn’t like it all that much!


Jon, as always, had to wear his Dallas Mavs t-shirt . . . just to see what comments he’s gonna get in Spurs land.


Since it was October, they were having their annual “Howl-o-Scream” celebration. That meant they decorated the park, had roving pirates in the kids area, had a really lame “Under the Sea” attraction (basically people dressed in sea costumes standing around a forest area), had the rockin’ Shamu show at night, and this year, trick-or-treating! Look how excited Kelsey is to be standing next to the pumpkin!

All in all, it was a fabulous . . . and did I mention exhausting? . . . day!