Wow! I made it! I’m the first in my family not to be swallowed by Robbie’s gigantic mouth! I mean anything and everything goes down it! But not me! I’m the first! Ha! I knew that if I clung on tight enough that there was no way Robbie would swallow me. I mean…it’s still kind of hard to talk about it…I mean it was only a year ago…but two of my brothers weren’t so lucky. Robbie wasn’t careful enough and he just swallowed them. They went down into that dark tunnel where I’ve heard there are acids that would dissolve us! Nobody’s ever returned to tell the tale. But, I hope that the cycle is done. I finally get to meet the Tooth Fairy tonight! I’ve heard so much about her! Robbie’s Mom and Dad talk about her so much and that she gives money to the kids who lose teeth! Amazing!

Alright…Jon here. Robbie’s newly lost tooth just kind of took over control of my body. I was holding it and I felt like I knew what it was feeling! Weird! Robbie has already lost two other teeth, but he swallowed them and we had to write notes to the Tooth Fairy. He was TOTALLY excited about being able to see his lost tooth. He was practically jumping around with pumped fists in the air. He’s a funny kid. He just kept saying “I knew I could do it this time. I didn’t swallow it! Woo hoo!” Here are some pictures of the momentous occasion.


I love you all! Enjoy!