So, we’re sitting at breakfast this morning.  Once in a while, the kids actually remember a dream they’ve had.  This morning Emily did.  We always have to kind of prompt the kids to tell us what they dreamed about.  This was our conversation this morning:

US: Was it a good dream or a bad dream?

EMILY:  It was a good dream.

US:  What was it about?

EMILY:  It was about Jesus.

US:  That is a good dream.  Where was Jesus?

EMILY:  He was at the temple.

US:  What did you do?

EMILY:  I came to Him.

US:  What did He say?

EMILY:  He said He loves me.

US:  Did you give him a hug?

EMILY:  Yes.

US.  What did you do then?

EMILY:  I rode on a boat

US:  Well, that sounds fun.  What happened then?

EMILY:  That’s all.

We just thought it was super cute.  And it kind of made us feel like we must be doing at least one thing right.  Emily had a dream about Jesus.  That’s pretty cool.  Anyway, that’s all!  Love you all!