So, we’re slackers.  I didn’t take one picture of Mary yesterday.  I am a bad aunt.  I am sure that CJ took roughly 10 million though, so I will let him and Randi have the joy of posting those when they get home from the hospital.

We did, however, go up to the hospital today.  Uncle CJ even got special permission so that Emily and Adam could come and see Mary.  Apparently the only children under 12 who are allowed in the room are siblings.  But Emily and Adam got to see her.  They were fascinated.  Uncle CJ even let Emily hold Mary.  Pretty cute!


I think Emily and Mary are going to be great friends.  Either that or Mary will live in mortal fear of her cousin who won’t leave her alone!  Emily even brought one of her toys to show Mary (although she left it in the car!) and we had to stop and buy Mary her first baby doll from her cousin Emily.  Awww!  Anyway, we are so excited that Mary is here.  We can’t wait until she comes to visit for the first time!